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Images - High Voltage Capacitors - Paper Filter Capacitors Type LK
The data contained herein shows only a PARTIAL LISTING of items available for this product line and it gives only a CONDENSED VERSION of the applicable specifications and characteristics. Request our complete catalog for full information!Type LK capacitors offer unusually good electrical characteristics, coupled with very small size. They are designed for twice the life of MIL-C-25D capacitors (see life characteristics) and will meet or exceed the requirements of characteristic E.
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Electro Technik Industries Inc
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These are not QPL listed.Type LK capacitors are specifically designed for filter, bypass and coupling applications in the low audio frequency range. The CP70 style container and internal construction permit operation in any position. Glazed steatite bushings are used, and in the voltage ranges of 2000 and greater, steatite is the electrical insulation in the terminal assembly. The threaded stud terminal is supplied with nut and solder lug. The whole assembly is hermetically sealed.Applications. While type LK capacitors are designed primarily for filter , bypass and coupling applications in the low audio frequency range, they may be used advantageously in the following applications.

  • Audio coupling
  • Turned filters
  • Energy Storage
  • Pulse forming networks
  • Oscillator circuits
  • Power factor correction
  • Integrating circuits
  • Arc and spark suppression
  • Low and high pass filters
  • RF bypass

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